Try our handy wallpaper calculator to estimate how many rolls to order based on your chosen design & wall dimensions

1. Find your wallpaper
Browse our website to find a wallpaper using our search functions. Each page includes information about the different roll dimensions, pattern repeats & other technical details for individual wallpapers. Find out more about these words or how things like repeats work, on our FAQ & Glossary pages. You can order an A4 sample to test & make sure it works nicely in the room with your interiors & colours. This is great because you can hold it up on the wall & decide which wall/s to put it on. 

2. Measure your wall 
After placement is decided it is time to measure the total height & width of the wall/s the paper is going on. Include any doors, windows or other unique features in this measurement. Note. Our calculator does not make allowances for doors or windows which is why we include them in your measurement. It doesn't allow for wallpaper matches which is why we strongly advise engaging a professional to measure your space. Wall measurements should be taken in meters.

3. Use our wallpaper calculator

Find your wallpaper on the website & look for the heading 'Specification' which has all the wallpaper details. In the calculator below enter the wallpaper width & roll length, enter your own wall measurements. Lastly enter the pattern repeat info & the calculator will tell you the 'Estimated Required Rolls'. This number has been rounded up to the next whole roll & is purely a guide. Get in touch & we can help connect you with an installer in your area.