6 simple steps to help make finding the perfect wallpaper for your space easy!

1. Browse our website

Search by colour, pattern, keyword or room to find a paper you love! Each page includes information about the different roll dimensions, pattern repeats & other technical details for individual wallpapers. Here you can see a picture of how the design looks on the wall.

2. Order a sample

This is a real sample & shows the colours & textures of the design you have chosen. Most of our Samples are A4 size. Once you receive your sample by tracked courier, hold it up in the room & look at it in different light, does it work with with your existing paint colour, art, furniture, drapes, accessories?

3. Use our wallpaper calculator 

This helps you to estimate how many rolls you will require. Remember it is an estimate & does not take into account windows, doors & other unique features in your room. Measure the width & height of the wall/s you wish to wallpaper, include any windows or doors in these measurements.

4. Find a professional installer

They will come to your home, measure your space to ensure you order the correct number of wallpaper rolls, advise you on the cost of install & what wall preparation you might require to get them ready for hanging. Don't know who to use? We can often recommend a professional in your area for install. Get in touch with your details!

5. Time to order

Don't forget your wallpaper paste! We ONLY recommend Harlequin Wallpaper Paste with our wallpapers. Our wallpapers come from around the world which means they can take time to arrive. All wallpapers have an approx. delivery time on its page & we keep you updated on this if there are any unexpected delays.

6. Book your install
Each wallpaper order receives an 'Install Checklist'. Please read this thoroughly & get in touch if you have any questions. Once your paper is up allow the room to air & maintain a normal room temperature to allow the wallpaper to dry. We love it when you tag us in your photos so we see where our wallpapers find homes!