Looking for spots, stripe & checks wallpaper? These classic patterns work well with all different styles of homes. Use these sophisticated designs in bedrooms, bathrooms & living spaces.

Haiku Glacier Scion from $12.00
Haiku Linen Scion from $12.00
Haiku Marine Scion from $12.00
Haiku Honey Scion from $12.00
Hoppa Stripe Apple Ivy Slate Scion from $12.00
Hoppa Stripe Poppy Tangerine Sulphur Scion from $12.00
Hoppa Stripe Mink Taupe Charcoal Scion from $12.00
Hoppa Stripe Cobalt Almond Midinight Scion from $12.00
Taimi Apple Ivy Slate Scion from $12.00
Taimi Sulphur Tangerine Kingfisher Scion from $12.00
Taimi Poppy Kiwi Charcoal Scion from $12.00
Stripe Mind the Gap from $12.00
Vector Mist Scion from $12.00
Vector Linen Scion from $12.00
Vector Indigo Scion from $12.00
Kasuri Porchini Scion from $12.00
Tie Dye Indigo Mind the Gap from $12.00
Rayo Paprika Charcoal Scion from $12.00
Rayo Mist Denim Scion from $12.00
Rayo Steel Liquorice Scion from $12.00
Rayo Dandelion Charcoal Scion from $12.00
Kasuri Birch Scion from $12.00
Kasuri Slate Scion from $12.00
Kasuri Chilli Scion from $12.00
Priya Blush Honey Linen Scion from $12.00
Priya Charcoal Fossil Linen Scion from $12.00
Priya Nutmeg Paprika Jet Scion from $12.00
Priya Mist Pear Pewter Scion from $12.00
Tie Dye Aquamarine Mind the Gap from $12.00
Checkered Patchwork British Mid Brown Mind the Gap from $12.00
Checkered Patchwork British Green Mind the Gap from $12.00
Foundry Wall Mind the Gap from $12.00
Indigo Marvel Mind the Gap from $12.00
Spectro Lichen Graphite Harlequin from $12.00
Spectro Stripe Emerald Marine Harlequin from $12.00
Spectro Stripe Teal Sedona Rust Harlequin from $12.00
Rene Slate Moonstone Harlequin from $12.00
Rene Emerald Ochre Harlequin from $12.00
Rene Copper Khol Harlequin from $12.00
Bella Stripe Olive Gilver Mint Harlequin from $12.00
Bella Stripe Ochre Gold Ebony Harlequin from $12.00
Bella Stripe Sepia Copper Duckegg Harlequin from $12.00
Bella Stripe Coral Gold Turquoise Harlequin from $12.00
Circulo Zest Azure Harlequin from $12.00
Tresillo Coral Viola Slate Harlequin from $12.00
Tresillo Sky Cerulean Caper Harlequin from $12.00
Tresillo Graphite Smoke Fawn Harlequin from $12.00
Tresillo Navy Ochre Rust Harlequin from $12.00