Looking for plain & textured wallpaper? Add layers to your space with these sophisticated patterns that are designed to compliment & enhance your space. Use them in all areas of the home.

Affinity Slate Chalk Harlequin from $12.00
Affinity Marine Zest Harlequin from $12.00
Totak Kiwi Scion from $12.00
Totak Tangerine Scion from $12.00
Totak Marine Scion from $12.00
Totak Putty Scion from $12.00
Totak Parchment Scion from $12.00
Tocca Pebble Scion from $12.00
Tocca Mist Scion from $12.00
Tocca Denim Scion from $12.00
Tocca Paprika Scion from $12.00
Tocca Kiwi Scion from $12.00
Shibui Mind the Gap from $12.00
Shibui Copper Mind the Gap from $12.00
Shibui Asphalt Mind the Gap from $12.00
Chakrasmvara Mind the Gap from $12.00
Affinity Sky Ochre Harlequin from $12.00
Affinity Teal Lichen Harlequin from $12.00
Affinity Ochre Steel Harlequin from $12.00
Affinity Rust Sky Harlequin from $12.00
Kelambu Emerald Lime Harlequin from $12.00
Kelambu Amber Slate Harlequin from $12.00
Kelambu Indigo Pebble Harlequin from $12.00
Kelambu Graphite Mustard Harlequin from $12.00