Looking for patterned wallpaper? A playful collection featuring rich colours & bold pattern. These designs are art on the wall – use them in adventurous bedrooms, studies, hallways & entrances.

The Great Show Blue Mind the Gap from $12.00
Oceania Mind the Gap from $12.00
Oxalis Papaya Honey Scion from $12.00
Jute Washed Mind the Gap from $12.00
Denim Spirit Mind the Gap from $12.00
Kailani Panel Lagoon Linden Harlequin from $12.00
Coppice Ebony Putty Snow Harlequin from $12.00
Coppice Powder Truffle Gilver Harlequin from $12.00
Coppice Oyster Ebony Gilver Harlequin from $12.00
Coppice Navy Lagoon Gold Harlequin from $12.00
Coppice Peackock Azalea Midnight Harlequin from $12.00
Salon Platinum Peacock Seafoam Harlequin from $12.00
Salon Ebony Azalea Fern Harlequin from $12.00
Komovi Lagoon Gold Harlequin from $12.00
Komovi Midnight Gold Harlequin from $12.00
Foxley Platinum Gold Harlequin from $12.00
Salinas Limestone Blush Fern Harlequin from $12.00
Salinas Champagne Rose Gold Harlequin from $12.00
Salinas Ebony Coral Lagoon Harlequin from $12.00
Salinas Ice Linen Dijon Harlequin from $12.00
Epsilon Mist Scion from $12.00
Epsilon Hessian Scion from $12.00
Epsilon Dove Scion from $12.00
Epsilon Putty Scion from $12.00
Epsilon Honey Scion from $12.00
Oxalis Pimento Marine Scion from $12.00
Oxalis Juniper Lime Scion from $12.00
Oxalis Spice Raffia Scion from $12.00
Zanzibar Blush Scion from $12.00
Zanzibar Peach Scion from $12.00
Zanzibar Bubblegum Scion from $12.00
Haiku Glacier Scion from $12.00
Haiku Linen Scion from $12.00
Haiku Marine Scion from $12.00
Haiku Honey Scion from $12.00
Parlour Palm Citrus Scion from $12.00
Parlour Palm Charcoal Scion from $12.00
Parlour Palm Gecko Scion from $12.00
Parlour Palm Fossil Scion from $12.00
Crassula Blush Mint Scion from $12.00
Crassula Putty Slate Scion from $12.00
Crassula Tangerine Mint Scion from $12.00
Crassula Juniper Lime Scion from $12.00
Cykel Tangerine Sulphur Coal Scion from $12.00
Cykel Poppy Charcoal Biscuit Scion from $12.00
Cykel Ivy Apple Slate Scion from $12.00
Cykel Pumice Pewter Slate Scion from $12.00
Kelda Pewter Scion from $12.00
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